R EALSCAPE provides consulting in the areas of economic development and incentives, workforce and sourcing strategies, training and digital media production and recruitment and technology staffing in support of current domestic repositioning Domestic Repositioning is the leveraging of excellent resources in economically disadvantaged regions to bring jobs back to local markets while keeping costs down. From labor, logistical and economic incentives perspectives, it is a much more favorable alternative to outsourcing. trends. Our economic development and incentives methodology is wholly unique; it isn’t entirely tax-focused, but rather, centered on workforce costs and an idea we call “ stickiness Stickiness means that REALSCAPE's strategies are designed to withstand the test of time, not just the rigors of a single fiscal year. .”

REALSCAPE doesn’t just improve businesses. It improves their people, it improves their networks and it improves their communities, too. There’s no way to fix just one element without making certain the other components are also in good, strong order. That’s why REALSCAPE’s clients are so successful, time and again.

David Snyder, Chairman, President & CEO

What else goes into REALSCAPE’s economic development strategies? A large component is accessibility to and integration with universities and community colleges Higher education fosters innovation and technological progress. Additionally, alumni networks and new graduates are valuable sources of professional local talent. . This broadens recruitment networks, connects with technology incubators and helps to secure favorable and appropriate incentive packages. We also put our unique spin on maximizing our clients’ Return On Investment (ROI) using cash grants, tax strategies and other financial incentives offered by governments in return for human resources and capital investments. That’s most of the secret ingredients in our recipe for success, REALSCAPE’s “special sauce”–though to learn the entire recipe, you’ll need to speak with one of our knowledgeable economic development experts.

The convergence of new economic, cultural and human factors Human factors matter! Without the right professionals, there would be no one to establish or monitor processes, let alone make critical day-to-day decisions that measure a business' success. paradigms drives the corporate momentum for operations and delivery centers positioned in non-traditional areas. Migrating from high cost metropolitan centers to new technology centers in lower cost regions provides unparalleled momentum for nearly all up-and-coming businesses.

REALSCAPE’s clients have taken advantage of this opportunity to rationalize existing delivery methods, incorporate new technologies, lower staffing costs and provide the “clean sheet of paper” opportunity that Information Technology (IT) executives covet. Once integrated, our training and digital media center provides the necessary on-boarding and instructional materials to make this transition as seamless REALSCAPE is an end-to-end service provider for all your economic strategy, recruitment and training needs. We're happy to help you maximize your potential for success! as possible.

REALSCAPE has built a template for working in partnership with educational institutions, governmental agencies, community development agencies and private enterprises. This ability to reposition domestic resources and repatriate previously out-sourced jobs to domestic locations with lower costs and strong workforce development partners, is an attractive and ever-popular alternative for our clients.

An early adopter of repositioning IT service jobs through the establishment of new workforces in low-cost markets, REALSCAPE uses available public-private partnerships to assist in the funding of new local service businesses. These partnerships include all levels of government, higher education (particularly community colleges), technical and secondary schools, community and economic development foundations and agencies, our own clients and private investors. Early experiences in this market have provided REALSCAPE with significant knowledge in navigating the somewhat complex and often vague rules and guidelines for maximizing all applicable incentives.


Strategic Insights
Rely on REALSCAPE’s experience navigating complex incentives, tax guidelines & corporate environments.


Passionate People
Find recently graduated, unemployed and underemployed professionals with innovative recruitment campaigns.


Leading Technology
Use leading-edge technology as both a business differentiator AND a source of lucrative economic incentives.


Robust Community
Build up your business and keep it strong by supplementing the surrounding community as well.

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