EALSCAPE Group is an innovative consulting firm focused on contemporary technology issues including software development and related support and adoption techniques, data center transformation and consolidation activities and domestic repositioning of technology assets including related economic development incentive consulting.

Led by David Snyder, REALSCAPE has a rich history of conducting successful projects with numerous IT, financial services and investment firms over the past several years. Snyder and his team maintain a strong grasp of technology strategies, success drivers and needs aligned with marketplace trends and figures. The REALSCAPE team develops solutions that leverage the firm’s proven track record of success on a global scale supported by high-caliber training, leading-edge digital media, multi-faceted adoption strategies, operations consulting and network-driven recruitment.

From strong, decades-long relationships with industry leaders to focused operational expertise and familiarity with constantly evolving best practices, REALSCAPE is the pinnacle of technology consultancy groups.


The mission of REALSCAPE is simple: to connect technology-focused organizations with the right people and the right knowledge to succeed. From day-to-day operations and consultations about maximizing economic incentives to planning and executing large mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures, REALSCAPE is wholly invested in its clients’ business.

600px-by-600px-Image-6-Macbook-grnHowever, we also know that there’s more than doing well in the technology business; there’s a human touch that drives every corporate success. REALSCAPE acknowledges and honors that in every project it supports. From creating new jobs for skilled workers in on- and off-shore markets to connecting key players in critical industries to lead struggling firms to success, we translate doing well into doing good. That remains and always will be one of the prevailing guiding principles behind our products and services.

For more information about REALSCAPE, the technology organizations it supports and its commitment to serving workforces around the globe, contact us today.


Our mission, like our guiding philosophy, is simple: Do Well, Do Good. By following this, all players in the global corporate diverse ecosystem benefit.

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