Based in Cleveland, Ohio, REALSCAPE is an innovative consulting firm focused on contemporary technology issues including software development and related support and adoption techniques, data center transformation and consolidation activities and domestic repositioning of technology assets including related economic incentive consulting.

Founded in 2014, its leadership believes that success stems from three core areas. First, every business must have the right knowledge and wisdom in order to craft their own success. Second, with strong talent, insightful human capital investment strategies and innovative business models, every firm can rise to the top of its market. Finally, success is not cultivated overnight by one or two individuals; it takes a strong team and a supportive community to realize and achieve ambitious goals.

REALSCAPE was conceived when its founders saw first-hand the toll of industrial collapse in various cities around the world. Faced with social decimation and decay, the team began helping companies improve their technological standing to support ongoing domestic repositioning objectives. In all cases to date, these efforts have immediately attracted intelligent, willing professionals to supported technology-centric firms. REALSCAPE also connects local universities and veterans with jobs in the sector, creating a robust fabric that empowers community-centered growth and the return of stable economics to some of the world’s hardest hit regions.



As a boutique consultant focused on technology issues, REALSCAPE is staffed with experts in all facets of IT strategy, leadership and operations. Its consultants work with technology firms to consolidate and transfer data centers, grow strategic new business and leverage local resources. Whether your firm specializes in big data or billions of microtransactions, contact REALSCAPE to streamline your organizational approaches.

REALSCAPE is home to a team of experienced instructional design and digital media experts. From curriculum development and Programs of Instruction (POIs) to the end-to-end production of E-Learning / M-Learning courseware, Instructor-Led Training (ILT), video learning and instructional gaming, let REALSCAPE handle all of your learning and media production needs with the industry’s best and brightest talents.

There is a new trend in the modern technology workforce: economic repositioning, experienced both domestically and abroad. Relying on the existing social infrastructure combined with local incentives, REALSCAPE helps organizations establish new office locations in economically depressed regions. This helps put qualified employees back to work while growing new opportunities for local college graduates and filling back in strained portions of the communities’ mesh. REALSCAPE’s clients further benefit from economic incentives and other perks afforded to firms investing in technology job repatriation.


The executive leaders of REALSCAPE are passionate about their core areas of focus. Together, they craft cross-discipline solutions that empower technologically savvy corporate clients to thrive in markets around the world. Learn more about their backgrounds here.
  • David Snyder
    David Snyder Chairman, President & CEO

    With over 30 years’ experience in technology-driven job repatriation, David is the de-facto leader in returning–and retaining–high-tech jobs to America.

  • Dan Donovan
    Dan Donovan Chief Learning Officer

    A 15+ year career spanning all instructional design disciplines affords Dan Donovan unparalleled access to top E-Learning and digital media resources.

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